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Monday, March 7, 2011

How to Make Money For Free By Writing At Squidoo?

Internet blogging is sure a fun thing, especially, when you know about the possibility of making money online for free by writing blog posts. Even though I have been blogging for some time now, I found out about the ability to earning money at home just several month ago.

I was browsing some websites and somehow ended up on a Squidoo lens, which showcased the best ways to earn money from home (take a look, I am sure that you will find something interesting for yourself). I am very thankful to the author of this lens and would like to provide some thoughts out mine about earning money for writing at Squidoo. is a great unit of knowledge, here users share their personal secrets and tips - with Squidoo you get an instant access to human wisdom. Additionally, gives you an opportunity to make money by creating lenses. You are the pick the topic to write about and only you decide how long you should work and what content to produce.

Squidoo pays by PayPal, depending how well your lenses perform. I am not telling that you can get rich overnight with Squidoo, but I know people, who have worked hard creating lenses on this website, but now they have a fully automated income system - dozens of their articles generate money daily (they don't even have to work in order to gain royalties).

I hope that this short post was helpful for you and you will start making money for free by using